Healthy Eating Tips

Medical doctors don't give you good health. Exercise, healthy diet, sun exposure, drinking enough water, and a good sleeping habit will. I am 5'4" tall and I went from 150lb to 120lb (exactly my weight when I first turned into an adult) and am much healthier now without visiting any medical doctors for the past five years. I am not disease free, but I have figured out that most diseases can be cured by my own immune system without any modern medicine. Almost all modern medicines have some negative side effects (known and unknown). Most medicines will mess up your digestive system, brain, liver, immune system, and urinary system. I have stopped fighting diseases. Instead, I contain them. Diseases become minor nuisance, not diseases any more. The following is a list of my discussions and some Youtube videos showing you how to eat properly to improve your health:

Lightly Cooked Vegetables are Better than Raw
Fast and Easy Way to Lightly Cook Your Vegetables Properly
Complete Amino Acid Profile for Protein Intake for Vegans
Sufficient Amount of Calcium without Drinking Milk
Cook Using Vegetable Oil, instead of Olive Oil
Vegetable-based Fermented Food is Good for your Digestive System
Meat (Even Lean Meat) and Dairy Products are Major Causes of Obesity in the U.S.
Rutabaga, Daikon, Radish belong to the Brassica Family: The Entire Plant is Edible

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