Sunday, January 29, 2017

No Fertilizer, Only Natural Organic Matter

We do not use any fertilizers, chemical or organic, that are imported from outside, except for gypsum and lime (calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate). We often spread organic matter throughout our land, such as Starbucks coffee ground, tree debris from local tree service companies, straw and weed cutting from our own land to increase its fertility.

We also use chicken and quail manure and human urine. For the produce that we sell, we make sure all chicken and quail manure applied to the soil are 100% cured or composted. We stop applying any cured or composted manure at least two month prior to harvesting. Human urine is used for composting straw and will not be applied directly to the soil for growing the produce that we sell.

Manure and urine may be used on soil for growing wheat and sunflowers that are for our own chickens' consumption.

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