Sunday, March 26, 2017

Meat (Even Lean Meat) and Dairy Products are Major Causes of Obesity in the U.S.

Ignoring tiny countries with population smaller than 10 million people (88 countries in total), the U.S. is the #2 most obese country in the world. The worst country is Egypt. [1] Amongst all Aermcians, 47.8% of Blacks, 42.5% Latinos, 32.6% of Whites, and only 10.8% of Asians are obese. [2] I don't believe it is race that matters. Instead, I believe it is the diet they receive.

Asians don't consume at lot of meat or diary, and hence they normally don't have too much animal saturated fat in their diet. In fact, most Asians are lactose intolerant, just like myself, and don't consume too much milk. A major problem with milk is that it is a liquid that contains tons of proteins and fats. Drinking milk won't give you fullness, but gives you too much high energy nutrients. Milk and dairy products have become a major part of human diet, only until recently. Thanks to mainstream medical doctors and nutritionists.

Meat is obviously another culprit. Meat contains not only tons of proteins, but also saturated fat. Some people wrongly believe that proteins (from lean meat) will not lead to obesity. Again, thanks to mainstream medical doctors and nutritionists. Some people believe that eating lean meat will make you lean. This belief is naive and WRONG!

Adults need proteins only for maintenance and production of hormones, enzymes, and immune defense materials. The proteins that are eaten but not used will eventually go through a process called deamination so that they can be safely excreted through our urinary system in the form of urea.

All proteins consist of amino acids. Most amino acids contain more carbon atoms than nitrogen atoms. For instance, tyrosine contains 9 carbon atoms and only 1 nitrogen atom. A urea molecule contains only 1 carbon atom and two nitrogen atoms. If you eat proteins that contain tyrosine, you end up accumulating carbon atoms (in the form of carbohydrates and fat). This is simple accounting.

Eating proteins does not automatically allow you to build muscle (using both carbon and nitrogen atoms) or provide you with energy (by the burning of carbon atoms to exhale as carbon dioxide), unless you do a lot of exercise. An adult who eats a lot of proteins without doing a lot of exercise will end up accumulating carbon and hence fat because humans don't store too much carbohydrates, except for a small amount of glycogen in the liver. Most unused carbohydrates (after the deamination of unused proteins) will be transformed and stored as fat.


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