Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New Life, New Meaning

The first quail chick just hatched
Then came the second and third

People are looking for the meaning of life. And yet life itself is the meaning all by itself. It has always been there, no more and no less. The meaning of life cannot be sought; you only need to live your life to realize it. And yet people don't see it.

My new baby quail chicks just hatched last night, making my night sleepless. Well, you can't win. But life is not about winning or losing anyway. The new quail chicks just live with or without knowing the meaning of life cause they realize the meaning of life without knowing or understanding it. They live in the meaning of life, namely, life itself.


  1. Nature is Life is Nature. It exists without knowing or an understanding of things outside of itself. It persists. It grows and it dies in a never ending cycle.

  2. How exciting to watch their coming into the world!